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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Challenge #2: Words

For Mandey's photo challenge this week, I decided to go with an event that everyone is getting pumped for....Hawkeye Football! These pictures are from way back. Homecoming 2006 to be exact. Mandey and I had become quick friends when we both had student season tickets and we ended up being the die-hards that went to every home game together. This game was vs. Purdue. Kinnick Stadium had recently been renovated and we were excited to get some pics of the new entrance and the awesome Nile Kinnick statue. So at last I present to you my photo for the photo challenge. It's a quote on the bottom of Nile's statue.

Me and Mandey's reflection as we get a picture of this infamous quote, 
from the last line of the University of Iowa school song. 

You wish you could rock pink sweatpants 
with a Hawkeye shirt this much!
I cannot fully describe my love for Hawkeye Football. I think to truly understand why Iowan's and for that matter people all over the country, are Hawkeye fans for life. You have to be there and experience Melrose Ave on a Saturday morning for yourself. Sweating your face off in the August/September Iowa heat, while eating street vendor food and drinking beer, all at an ungodly hour of the morning. Waking up at the crack of dawn with your best friend and pouring Bailey's into your coffee as you bundle up because its freezing in November and shuffle your way down the stadium. Screaming at the top of your lungs when the swarm of black and gold comes running out of the tunnel hand in hand, because that's the way Hayden Fry said it should be done. Losing your mind as Herky the Hawk stabs the earth with the IOWA flag in the middle of the field. 
There are bars all over America that are soley dedicated "Hawkeye" bars for a reason! It's because Iowa Hawkeye football tradition becomes your tradition no matter who you are or where you live.  We're fans till the end no matter how bad or how good the team is playing. We love our Hawks no matter what! I'm sure there will be many more Hawkeye posts in the future from both Bob and I, it's a season we both anticipate more than any other time of year.  The University of Iowa is a special place, its where I met my best friend (Mama) and the love of my life (Bob). It's where I adopted my furry loves Stella and Jack, and ultimately where I found myself.  So I leave you with some more pictures from that 2006 game and an inspiring quote from Nile himself about Iowa City.

Nile Kinnick in front of Kinnick Stadium. 

Quote from Nile on the base of his statue.

In 2006, the new entrance to Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA.

"Here come the Hawkeyes!"

'Say Cheese!' 

Me after storming the field after a win over Purdue. If you look closely you can see the scoreboard says Iowa 47 - Purdue 17.

"I am so glad you could speak enthusiastically of your visit to Iowa City. That little town means so much to me...It is almost like home. I love the people, the campus, the trees, everything about it. And it is beautiful in the spring...And I hope you strolled off across the golf course just at twilight and felt the peace and quiet of an Iowa evening, just as I used to do."

-Nile Kinnick, in the last letter ever received by him after his death in 1943.