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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're Taking the Plunge!

It's official! Bob and I are starting a new adventure together, one that we have never encountered before. We all knew this day would come, some doubted, others waited in anticipation. Yes ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Bob and Christy are officially STARTING A BLOG! Who's excited?!

Whoa! You guys are seriously amped for this blog! 

WOW! We are honored by your excitement, perhaps a little freaked out. The USA chant seemed a bit unnecessary but we'll take it! Right Ricky Stanzi?

This all started a few years back, way back to the year of 2007. A time before iPads, 'Bieber Fever', Jersey Shore, and the only Droids you knew were robots named C3PO and R2D2, not phones. In a magical land where Herky is King and the beer runneth over. Yes that's right, I'm talking about a land called Iowa City.  This is the setting for where boy meets a bar so eloquently named The Sports Column. But I'm getting ahead of myself....We'll save the story of 'How Bob met Christy and Still Doesn't Remember' for our 'Flashback Friday' post.

Our plan is for this blog is to be our creative outlet and to document all the amazingly cool things we do. But we will re-tell some of the stories of how we met and the adventures of our first years of dating on 'Flashback Friday'. So stay tuned for exciting posts such as 'Jack and Bob's Video Game Review', 'Stella Hates Mondays', and an assortment of rants, links and of course ADVENTURES!

- The Average People



  2. visiting from mama and the dudes! blogging is one of my favorite things and i'm always excited for people just starting! there aren't many posts to judge by yet but it already seems like you have a great sense of humor. :)

    following! --Alex

  3. I was told to come over here and I did. :) No seriously, I'm really excited about your blog and look forward to the life of a couple of average people...heck, aren't most of us average? Looks like you two know how to spice it up though. Come see me at!

  4. Visiting from Mama and the Dudes as well, looking forward to reading about your adventures! :)