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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Engagement Story Part II: The Proposal

He Said: After a few top secret meetings at Iowa Diamond, I had decided upon the ring. I was originally thinking of proposing on our anniversary, but felt it was too obvious, and I had always wanted to propose to Christy in Iowa City...but how to get her there? As luck would have it, I had a medical appointment in Iowa City scheduled for August 19th, which she planned on accompanying me to, and I knew she would not see a proposal coming.

She Said: Well I had been anticipating a proposal for awhile. I went with Bob to Iowa Diamond on a couple different occasions back in 2009 and picked out a band that I really loved. I told him I wanted him to decide on the stone but I would really like anything round. Every time a special evening or day would come up I would think 'I wonder if this is it?!' After many times of hyping myself up and it not happening I tried to stop thinking about so not to ruin any moment by thinking this was it. Bob has been working a lot of overtime this summer so I assumed a ring was what he was working towards. But I started thinking the proposal wouldn't happen till next year sometime.
A great place to ring shop!

He Said: I had left the ring at my parents house for safe-keeping, or in case Christy stumbled across it, in what would have surely been a crappy hiding spot on my end. I had lunch with my mom the day before, on the 18th, where she brought me the ring, since I'd be leaving in the morning. I had the ring with me, for a half a day at work (where it didn't leave my sight). My co-workers (the female ones anyway) Oooo'd and ahhhh'd and let me know I had done a good job. I then had the nerve racking job, of keeping this ring on me the entire night and next day.

She Said: I actually picked Bob up that day from work. He had told me he was going to have lunch with his mom that day, which I thought was a bit out of the ordinary. But his sister Janet had just had her second baby that week and family was in town, so I didn't question it too much. So when I picked him up that night from work I really didn't notice anything in his pockets or out of the ordinary.

August 19, 2008

He Said: The next day at my appointment required some x-rays on my ankles, and I thought there was a good chance I'd have to take off my pants at some point during the day...which was sort of a constant fear considering there was nowhere else to keep the ring, than inside my left cargo pocket. When the time came for the x-rays I went into a changing room to change into those awesome over-sized hospital shorts, and contemplate what the hell to do with this ring?! I considered hiding it, in some random cupboard in the changing room, but that only brought with it, crazy fears of it not being there when I get back. So with a lump in my throat I thew my clothes in the provided plastic bag, folding my pants as tight as I could and burring them under my shoes and socks. I just prayed Christy wouldn't open the bag and rummage through my clothes for any reason. It's not like I could have said "Hey...don't look in my pants pockets..."

She Said: The appointment was really long, more waiting time than anything. Close to two hours in the waiting room and then in the exam room. I was talking a mile a minute- for some reason I was extra talkative that day. Bob was pretty quiet but I figured he was nervous about the appointment and if they would recommend surgery. While we were waiting in the exam room, I joked to Bob "Are you going to take me to Spo-Co and propose?" He laughed it off since this was our inside joke. I had no idea what was coming that day.

He Said: So after leaving the appointment, we got some food at one of our favorite places Wig and Pen. Christy then went to talk to her advisers about her thesis....and I sat and sweated. I had it in my head to propose in front of The Old Capitol, and was thinking of the best way to make this happen. I had thought the appointment would go much faster than it did, I figured I would have proposed by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, it was now rolling past 5, and Christy's mom was texting me that she was dying from suspense.
The Wig and Pen in Coralville, Iowa

The 'Bridge, where Christy spent most of her college time.

She Said: Bob seemed more relaxed by time we had gotten food. So this really made me think that the doctor appointment was why he had been so distracted that week and that morning. I had to run a few errands around campus and then ran into a couple people in my department building. Bob was driving around waiting for me and I felt really bad for making him wait after I had been gone for awhile and was trying to hurry.

The Old Cap at Night!
He Said: After her meeting, I picked up Christy at Trowbridge and found a parking spot right in front of The Old was game time. I always thought it was stupid when you see on shows or movies, when guys seem nervous about proposing. I always thought it'd be a breeze, I mean its the person you want to spend your life with...why would you be nervous? But walking with her up to that building, my thoughts were all over the map, and I was sweating like a pig.
We sat down in the shadow of The Old Capitol, on the steps and reminisced about our college days. I wanted to surprise her, so I didn't want to start some obvious speech, and give it when the coast was clear (aka no freshman tour groups walking by) I stood up and faced Christy...

She Said: The first weekend we started dating we had taken a picture in front of The Old Capitol on the Pentacrest and I was totally for taking another one. We walked over and were trying to do it ourselves when someone walked by and offered to take one for us.

August 30, 2008
August 19. 2010

It was pretty humid out that day but I really wanted to walk around campus/downtown so we walked over to sit on the stairs of The Old Capitol. We took some funny pictures and retold a few old stories.

Old Cap Stairs, we were sitting just to the right of the hand rail.

Moccasin Day!

Hanging out.

Does Bob look nervous?

The view of Iowa City from where we were sitting.

Then Bob stood up and sort of looked like he was going to say something important. I took a picture of him because I thought this was kind of unusual.

What's he doing?
He started talking and for a split second my brain turned to 'he's going to propose!' then I told myself 'no, no don't ruin this moment, maybe he planned something cool for us to do in Iowa City since we haven't been here in so long.' The following is how Bob proposed:

Bob: So I emailed your manager a few weeks ago....
Me: What?! Why?!
Bob: Well originally we were only going to take half a day off today, (We ended up having to take the whole day off because his doctor appointment was pushed back from 8am to 12pm.) so I  emailed him to ask if you could have the whole day off.... (this is when 'he's going to propose!' thought crossed my mind then I quickly dismissed it.)
Me: Ok....why?
Bob: Because I thought you would want the rest of the day off after I ask you to marry me.
Me: WHAT?!?!

Bob proceeded to get down on one knee on The Old Capitol steps and ask me that all too important question "Will you marry me?" As he did he pulled a black box out of his pocket and showed me the gorgeous ring. I on the other hand was laughing, screaming, crying and kept saying "Oh my goodness!" I could barely even think straight! Bob started laughing and teared up a little and I finally managed to reboot my brain into forming the word "Yes."

The Ring!
Crying/Still in shock.
The Happy Couple!

After he put the ring on my hand he took pictures of me crying of course, the ring and me calling people. Almost everyone in our families already knew and even some of our friends. Amazingly NO one had given the big surprise away. Kudos family and friends! About the time that we were taking some more pictures a freshman tour group came walking by and they started looking over at us in curiosity. Maybe it was my half crying, half giggling that was still coming out!

He Said: I knew we had to incorporate Sports Column somehow with our engagement, so we walked through downtown, and had ourselves a bottle of cheap champagne in the bar where I had blown her off, over 3 years previously, which seemed perfect :)

Champagne and Ring Photoshoot :)

The spot where we 'met' three years ago.

Inside the dark but comfy Deadwood, sitting in the booth where we first hung out.
She Said: He told me he called Sports Column earlier and asked if they had champagne and that there is a bottle waiting for us. It seemed like a perfect place to celebrate, the place where we met, but only one of us actually remembers. We met up with my friend Lee from grad school and had some champagne and caught up with him. The waitress was so excited. she bought the bottle of champagne for us! Later we also went over to The Deadwood and had a drink with my friend Landon who used to cut my hair when I lived in Iowa City.

Before we left Iowa City we went back to The Old Capitol and took a few more night shots together. When we finally made it back to West Des Moines that night we stopped over at Bob's parents house so they could finally see the ring on my finger, since they were hiding the ring the whole time.

Night at the Old Capitol before we left town.
Night Vision

It was a great day. I originally was so happy with how Bob's doctor appointment went (more on that in a later post), I had no idea the day could get any better. Bob pulled off the perfect engagement. The Old Capitol was the best place in Iowa City to propose. It was actually closed for most of our Undergrad experience. So neither of us spent a whole lot of time hanging out on the steps in between classes as most people do. With every place you live there are good and bad memories, but this was a neutral fresh place. It embodies so much of what we love about Iowa City and heck its part
Your Hand in Mine Aug 19, 2010
of the University of Iowa's logo. Now it will definitely stand out as a very memorable place in Iowa City for us.

So Average People fans, we've been engaged now for a little over two weeks. For the first few days the shock of actually being engaged kept hitting me every time I looked at my ring. I think we are both still trying to get used to calling each other 'Fiance' now. A lot of wedding ideas have been spiraling through our brains since then. I will definitely be keeping you all up to date, but I don't want to overload this blog with too much wedding craze :). We are planning to get married in 2012, so we've got plenty of time!