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Friday, January 14, 2011

11 Resolutions in 2011

Hi Blogging friends!  First off my apologies for the long absence at the end of 2010. We're working on our Year in Review of 2010 so you can see just how busy we were and everything we were up to. In the mean time, to kick off a year (of hopefully more blogging) I thought it was time for some do-able resolutions...

(1) Blog! We started this blog for a reason, to document our adventures and by gosh it's time to be responsible and do it, hopefully some of these resolutions will turn into some fun-filled stories to share.

(2) Read....for fun. Both Bob and I are big fans of reading and did a lot of it as kids. As you get older reading for fun tends to get put on the back burner. Myself I know I have felt that school was supposed to take priority over reading anything for fun. Now that school is out (FOREVER!) it's time to get back to our roots and crack open a book. Oh yes, we are also big fans of REAL books, I wouldn't expect either of us to be owning a Nook or Kindle anytime in the near future. There is something fantastic about holding a real book, trying to keep it pristine, then finally given in to breaking in the binding. And who isn't a fan of a well-stocked and intriguing bookshelf?

(3) More Jack and Stella time. As I sit here writing this blog Stella has parked herself on my lap looking to me for the occasional (or if she had it her way, constant) rub behind the ears. Jack and Stella have been very patient during the long nights of thesis writing and editing. Often times Jack was at my feet and Stella would be in my lap, on top of papers or blocking the computer screen. I think they both deserve some more play-time and love!

(4) Plan a wedding. While all the hub-bub of finishing school, and then the holidays has ruled our lives the past few weeks, things are starting to calm down and its time to get serious about figuring out where we want to have our wedding at. While we don't want to have a traditional wedding, we still have a lot of planning (and saving) to do.

(5) Speaking of saving, one of our goals is to get a set budget going to save for things like the wedding and perhaps a down payment on a house in the future.

(6) Organize, Organize, Organize. We've been in our apartment for almost 2 years now. I think every so often its good to go back through things and reorganize, go through old clothes, put away the school stuff, update pictures around the apartment, and give everything a good clean. Right now its freezing out, so its a good time to stay indoors and tackle some of this.

(7) Speaking of winter activities: it's been a really long time since I've had free time to play video games, so that's on the list as well- play more video games! And watch more movies on our Netflix list. Right now we're working our way through the Mad Men series.

(8) Date nights- basically more quality Bob and Christy time, there for awhile it was like we were on different work schedules and I spent most of my time at home working on my thesis. Especially with all the wedding planning we'll have to do this year, it will be good to take time away and spend with each other.

(9) In part with the number 8, find more things to do around Des Moines. Especially when the weather gets warmer there are always things going on around this town, try new things, new events and plan some road trips!

(10) Feel Better! Physically, mentally, spiritually. Everyone knows one of the biggest new year resolutions is to lose weight, but most of the time people lose interest fairly quickly. So while losing weight would be great, why not focus on things like: eating better, trying new healthy recipes, buying better food (try out that famous Farmers Market downtown). Get on a better sleep schedule - no more late night writing sessions for this girl! Right now I'm taking a yoga class and also going to the free meditation classes at the same place. Bob is about to start physical therapy after his second ankle surgery. So hopefully by time the spring comes we'll both be healthy to be more active this year and Jack is hoping for some more long walks!

(11) Finally our last resolution is to make time to be more creative. Both Bob and I play instruments and want get back to enjoying playing music as much as we love to listen to music.  I gave Bob a FlipHD camera for Christmas, hopefully to make it easier for him to film things and strike up his creativity and editing skills again. As for me I want to paint and knit more, and I think we both would like to write more (fiction and blog form :) ).

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