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Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding: T-minus one year.

St. Patrick's Day 2011
So the date is set...the venue is set. We will be getting married March 17th 2012 at the Marriott in downtown Des Moines. We were thinking about throwing an end of the world wedding (December 21st 2012...its a Friday!) but we figured we didn't want our wedding completely steeped in Mayan superstition...only sort of, so...St. Patrick's day 2012 it is!
We decided to take the day off to go and put down the deposit at the hotel, and check out the parade.
The Parade - I have lived in Des Moines my whole life (minus the 5 years in Iowa City) but I've never once been to the St. Patrick's Day parade. It's during the business day, so I've never really had the chance. It was the typical fan-fare of a parade you'd expect. We got pelted with beads, and the occasional tootsie-roll. We were surrounded by old people and children. I felt bad for the old people sitting next to us on the curb in their fold out chairs. I overheard them saying they'd gotten there an hour early for a good view...only to have that view completely blocked by a bunch of attention-whore high school girls decked out in multi-colored tutu's...none of the colors actually being green!

I think I'm officially old myself...I have a 401K, I frequently listen to talk-radio in the car, I occasionally take a dose of Metamucil...and I realized how shitty kids are nowadays. Christy and I could not stop complaining about the kids next to us. There were 2 probably 9 year old boys each armed with a can of silly string...a can that NEVER seemed to run out. I know, I know, 9 year old boys with silly string at a parade, nothing to get worked up about...but it was the blatant disrespect these two little heathens showed to everybody around them. They'd spray it in strangers faces, run up to people in the parade, and nail them in the face, talk back to all the adults around them. I was secretly hoping one of these little punks would hit Christy or I with some, so I could get up and yank the can's from their little bastard hands. Speaking of bastards...their mother seemed like she could care less. She actually sat there and laughed the whole time, even while other adults around her were telling the kids to knock it off. Our kids will understand that there is a difference between good and bad attention, and they're gonna knock it the F-off when they're creating negative attention. This "mom" is truly whats wrong with the country. Blame MTV and Xbox all you want, but its really just crappy parents, being crappy parents....but I digress...and will get off my soapbox. This was our pre-wedding anniversary, not a day to complain about bastard kids!

We had to bail on the parade before it finished because it was like 10,000 miles long, and we had already planned to meet with the Marriott event coordinator at 1:30. We settled on the Marriott after deciding it would best work for our attitude toward the wedding; the less stress, the better. Everything will be confined to the hotel, the ceremony, the reception, food, and where we'll spend the night (we get the presidential suite!) The hotel is right in the heart of downtown, and connected to the skywalks, in case it's bad weather or something. 
We checked out the rooms again, and decided on most likely having the entire wedding in the "Des Moines room" it's a room that can hold over 400 people (much bigger than our intended wedding) but can be arranged to accommodate the ceremony, and then be flipped for the reception. I think it's going to be great, but we still have to plan how we want everything arranged, and all the details of what will take place during our ceremony. We're going for a very non-traditional service, and need to figure out all the details.

We got some lunch after our meeting, and came up with a list of things we have yet to determine. I need to get myself a suit. I don't really want to do a cheesy tux, with plastic shoes. I'm planning on finding myself an awesome "Mad Men" style suit. Christy is still trying to determine what she'll do about a dress, and we need to get rings figured out. We have over a year, and already have a few things settled upon; the venue, food, and photographer are down. Thanks to Brad Stebbins for recommending his cousin to do our photography. We feel like we're gonna have some great pictures, might even venture over to the parade...hopefully we can just avoid those bastards with silly string!


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