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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Your Butt Looks Good in the Future": Day 3 at Inspire U

Hello Blog Fans,

Well, I just wanted you all to know that I lived through the weekend, screaming muscles and all. I'm not going to lie to you, it was touch and go there for awhile. I had to have Bob help me with all sorts of things, simple things like getting off the couch, picking up laundry off the ground, etc. And listening to me scream every time I dropped something and was forced to pick it up (or just yell for him to come help). My workout drunk lasted most of the weekend. But secretly I sort of missed not doing anything on Sunday- Gasp! The workout addiction begins! But with all the pain could I make it to class on Monday?! Should I or would I just hurt myself more?!

I tell you, I threw caution to the wind and went to class! I spent most of my Monday cleaning and moving things into my new cubicle at work (YAY NEW CUBE DAY!). So I figured I could give it the ole college effort (what does that exactly mean anyway?) at class after work.

Today was Metabolic 300 day. Is that the new Arnold movie you ask? Perhaps Keanu Reeve's making a come-back? No, Metabolic 300 is the name of today's class!

Oh Keanu, when will it be your turn to rise to stardom again?!

A metabolic cardio workout focusing on multi-joint, functional plyometric movements. A "Metabolic" workout features a total body workout that combines muscle building benefits of strength training with the cardiovascular benefits of cardio training. A fun "bootcamp-style" workout that will supercharge your metabolism, and build lean muscle. - Inspire U website

Notice the word 'fun'. Today's workout entailed of 3 routines of four exercises each, including things like mountain climbers, high knees, spider planks, 180 squats, burpies, egg rolls (not the delicious Chinese treat- trust me on that), skater lounges, one leg balance/jumps, etc, etc. We had three minutes for each routine- to do as many times as physically possible. Oh yeah I almost forgot, we had to do 3 rounds of the 3 routines! The goal was to keep moving and by god I kept moving! I couldn't pull everything off perfectly or the quickest. I'll admit I was slow, but I moved and did as much as my poor sore quads and hammies allowed.

Burpies- I don't know who invented this, but I think even the Devil would be appalled by such torturous actions!

TJ was my instructor again today, I really love the instructors philosophy and ability to cheer people on and help anyone out. It really helps you pull out that last rep and keep going when you feel you can't.  Another thing I thought was really cool was that two other instructors were there participating in the class. One of them actually put the routines together for the day. Now I have to say I was impressed to see them take part and 'feel the pain' with us!

My lower back was the one screaming during today's workout. Everyone kept telling me the pain will pass, and honestly most of my weekend screaming muscles are feeling better- relatively. I did the best I could for as sore as I was and kept telling myself I'll get better and better. Here's to hoping that pain will equal gain in the days to come!

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