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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Your Butt Looks Good in the Future": Day 4 at the U

Today was a day of confidence... and tornados!

Well, tornado warnings.

Today was Taco Tuesday at work, and I was already feeling a bit on the heavier side of the scale. Mostly likely due to eating bigger meals on Monday.  I was sure I was going to get my ass kicked by the latest and greatest workout set for today.

I've been driving to the U after work, giving me plenty of time to change clothes and get some good stretches in before class starts. It seemed the class before mine was running a bit long, and to the point where I wondered if they had already started without me? I stretched and watched all the red faces push through today's routine and started to feel a bit nervous. When they were finished it looked as if I was the only one there for today's 5:45pm class, which could be good or bad. More individualized attention ....or more individualized attention?! Two more women showed up and we were a class of three today, which was pretty nice actually.

Today's class was Strength 101, which was actually the same type of the first class I attended on this past Friday (I may have failed to mention that- so here's the definition).

Strength 101- Don't let the name fool you….. it is 101 because we are getting back to the basics of fundamental functional training. The movements of functional training require coordination, balance and control, and timing the muscle contractions. This is similar to how muscles may need to be timed in jumping to get a rebound, staying in a good defensive stance while shuffling left and right, or even putting the groceries up in the cabinet. The major adjustment the body must make in order to improve functional performance includes coordination, range of motion, type of contraction, and speed of movement.

So right, my Friday class was rough. Today we had twelve different weight exercises (working out the arms, back and legs) on the stability ball and twelve exercises on those 'Devil Straps' (TRX) (working the arms, back and legs again). We did sets of 2 exercises, each 12 reps for 3 sets. If that makes any sense.

Only having three people (all of us were newer to the classes) helped keep the pace down at a reasonable level. Or maybe it was the fact we didn't have any crazy cardio. As hard as some of the arm moves got, I felt pretty .....confident! My body is starting to heal and the pain is slowly moving out. I really surprised myself with the hamstring curls. My back was the worst thing today, but my legs were much better. I'd say I felt the most mobile I had since Friday. The smaller class allowed even more time for TJ to help us on our form and keep our reps slow and steady to build leaner muscles. All good things. It was hard work, I'm not going to lie but something was different about today.

About halfway through our TRX moves, someone came in to tell us that there was a tornado warning and everyone was supposed to go to the bathrooms and wait it out. So we watched and waited as the sirens started blaring and I made a call to Bob to make sure that he and the furry ones were safe. We all decided it was just high winds and we should finish out the rest of our workout. The rest of the time we heard lots of rain, thunder, and maybe even hailing as we worked through our last reps. Our class of three was most certainly hard core today- we worked out through tornado warnings and blaring sirens!

All in all I feel better and better after each new class, and as the pain goes away, I build new confidence by what my body is able to pull off. Of course I was using beginner/light weights, but my confidence that that will only increase is getting stronger too. Today was an affirmation that this was a good thing for me and my body. This workout program and this gym was turning out to be just want the doctor ordered for my body. And I was thankful for having heard of it and seeking more information out. I can already tell my arms are going to be hurting tomorrow. And I'm sure tomorrow might work a whole new muscle group that will hurt on Thursday. BUT in just 5 day I've gone through a lot; self-doubt and a ton of pain turning into small victories and healing muscles. Heck, I might even start to like those TRX things...(shhhh don't tell anyone, I'm sure it was just the lack of oxygen to my brain at the time).

Tomorrow is a big workout day for me, I'm heading to the 5:30am class so I can still keep up with my 5:45pm Yoga class. I've been doing this Yoga class since the beginning of the year and really love my teacher. I'll tell you more on that tomorrow. Until then...

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