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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Your Butt Looks Good in the Future": Inspire U Day 2

Hybrid Stack Cardio....what the what?!

Hybrid Stack Cardio I said.

A total body, super-cardio workout. This workout uses speed, agility and power, and combines punches, upper cuts, and hooks of boxing with various powerful kicks used in martial arts. We will incorporate the use of bags, kettlebells, and the TRX suspension system in this unique cross training kickboxing class. - Inspire U website

That's right today's workout was a total body, super cardio workout. Which makes perfect sense, because MY WHOLE BODY IS SCREAMING!

I'm not going to lie, I woke up this morning and I was in some serious pain. I took a warm bath around 1am because I was so sore and couldn't sleep. But later this morning I could feel every muscle from my butt down. OW! Normally growing up whenever a new sport would start up after having a few weeks or month off, I was pretty sore. Generally I always know I would be really sore for a day or two. So I got myself up and headed off to class this morning.

Back to that Hybrid stuff. Today's class had 6 sets of four minute routines. For example 1 minute jump rope, 1 min right hand punches (with the punching bag), 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute left hand punches. And so on with kicks, sit-ups chops, alternating punches, donkey kicks, roundhouse kicks. Sounds pretty tame right?!

Say Hello to my little friend- actually they aren't so little and let you take out all your frustration on them, yet they never complain!

I don't remember the last time I jumped rope, its been awhile seriously. Have you ever jumped rope after you just spent a minute or two punching or kicking a bag as hard as you can?! Not as easy as you would think- at least if you're not used to do doing this sort of thing. Let's just say your hand eye coordination starts to fail and your legs just stop responding the way they should. On top of being extremely sore from the day before this started go get really rough around the 5th set.

"Jump Death Ropes"- Along with the TRX straps, meet my new nemesis. Who knew jumping rope would be my latest piece of equipment to conquer?!

Then came the cardio rounds! 2 rounds of 4 minute sequences made up of 1 minute exercises like running in place and jump turns, jumping lunges, mountain climbers and running in place and dropping to plank position. AHHHHH!!!

MENTAL NOTE: Bring inhaler next time!

TJ was our instructor today, and while I was nervous having a male trainer - mostly because I figured he'd way more aggressive, in your face, RAWR! But he was very cool, cheered you on and encouraged you to push it further all with a pretty big smile on his face. I probably would have liked him more if he wasn't making me lose feeling in my legs and my lower half in general.

Then- yes there was more- the last thing, it was time for pull-ups! PULL-UPS?! I don't remember the last time I did a pull up. In fact I'm not even sure if I have ever accomplished a fully correct pull-up. Luckily TJ brought out boxes and stools to stand on and all these colorful bands tied to the bars. I watched as others put one foot in the band and pull themselves up and start doing reps. Ughhhh, I'm not great with heights and this sort of freaked me out. Before I knew it was my turn and as I stepped into the strap and pulled myself up the strap bounced me up far enough to do a pull-up! WHOA! I got to the 20th rep and my arms were burning. Even though the straps were there to help give you a boost, you still had to use your upper body. I think the scariest part was getting into the straps and pulling up and getting back onto the box and out of the strap- kind of like mid air splits. Needless to say I felt pretty Badass after doing some pull-ups...

Supposed Badass Jason Statham trying to do a pull-up- looks like he can't quite get his hands in the correct form, Sorry Statham, I'm not impressed.

Awww George Clooney, looking like a sad panda, he's got his hands correct but just can't quite pull it off. Suck it up George!

Here's Mr. 'I don't like wearing shirts' McConaughey attempting a pull-up, once again poor form Matthew. Maybe you should pull out your earbuds and listen to your trainer more.

We were finally done for the day and I felt pretty great honestly. TJ was a great trainer, and I talked to some of the people in my class that ended up being newbies too. I was exhausted, but my body was feeling good and I was excited for the next class on Monday.

I didn't realize the final challenge was waiting for me at home...the stairs to our apartment. As I started up them, I could barely put one leg in front of the other- the pain and stiffness was setting in! I started walking funny as soon as I walked in the door and sitting down made me scream!

After watching me walk around like I was experiencing an inner ear disorder. Bob coined the term 'workout drunk'.
Workout Drunk - adjective - description of one whom has worked out so much they walk off balance and awkwardly around as if drunk. 

I was definitely 'workout drunk'. As the day has gone on my muscles have locked up so much I can barely move, sitting down on the couch was excruciatingly painful, getting off the couch required assistance, coughing hurt. EVERYTHING HURTS!

Like I said earlier I knew I would end up being sore, but this was MEGA UBER ULTRA SORE! My arms and back have slowly started to tighten up as well as my lower half. So I've spent most of the day taking advil, soaking in a hot bath and hanging out with my handy heating pad. This is probably the worst pain I've had from working out in quite a long time. But honestly I have to say I had a helluva workout the past two days, so I guess it goes with the territory. I'm hoping my muscles will heal quickly and I can get over this initial hump in the next few days!

But on the upside- all my muscles may hurt...but I can FEEL all my muscles again, that means they are alive and well and ready to come back for more!

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day! Whew!

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  1. Love reading your blogs Christy! They put a smile on my face and are extremely funny!! Good Luck on your journey and I wish you the best of Luck! Dusty