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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Des Moines Art Festival 2011

DSM Art Festival 2011
Friday night Bob and I ventured downtown to attend The Des Moines Art Festival. If you've never been, or have NO idea what I'm talking about, check out the website. Apparently the 2010 Festival won the International Festivals and Events Association Gold Grand Pinnacle Award! Trying saying that 5 times fast. Basically Des Moines knows how to rock it!

Bob and I have missed the last couple years of the Art Festival, so we wanted to make sure we got to go this year. As we perused around the displays, we quickly realized that EVERYTHING was out of our price range! Things were so expensive we were afraid to take pictures! But we did snap a few.

Coolest pinwheels ever!

Made with everything from metal to glass!

A garden on Grand Avenue? Sure, why not.

This year's interactive art was a giant ice cream cone.
One of the coolest things I saw, that I could actually capture on film without feeling like I had to pay first. Old Des Moines Register headlines.... It was pretty amazing to see some of these historic headlines and wonder how people in Des Moines felt when they saw the paper that day.

Man Walks on the Moon. I'm a complete Space nerd so I was just in awe over this one.
Not all Space headlines are happy ones- The Challenger crash.

One year after 9/11- Can you believe its going to be 10 years this September?

The Flood of 1993, Bob's family packed up and left for the Ozarks when Des Moines lost water.

The Trans-Atlantic Flight.

The Kennedy Assassination

This headline was probably the most eerie, this paper was from June 2001, just months before 9/11 happened.

A closer look at the headline- if we only knew was was just a few months on the horizon.

On a happier note, 2002-2003 season bowl preview. Brad Banks!

Pearl Harbor- in the age of the internet its hard to remember a time when we didn't find out news THAT same day.

The end of WWII.

Does anyone else remember the Septuplets?

I had no idea the Pope has been to DSM! I wonder if he had his Pope-mobile then?

The sinking of the Titanic, almost 100 years ago now. Check out the paper name  "The Register and Leader"

Nixon Resigns
WWII ends in the Pacific.

The Gulf War.

The weather was perfect Friday night to walk around downtown and see all the amazing art, even though we couldn't afford any of it. We ended up eating at Django for the first time as well. Their hamburgers have been voted 'best hamburger' in the city, so Bob was very eager to try one. I fell in love with the tomato artichoke bisque! I highly recommend trying it out sometime if you live in the DSM area. Downtown is a wonderful place to be at night when events are going on and especially when the weather is perfect (shocker I know it wasn't raining here for once, but don't worry it poured on Saturday).

The outdoor seating next to the Starbucks on Locust, where my friends at Wells Fargo and I would eat lunch quite often.
Downtown Library.

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