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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ron Paul in the hiz-ous!

So today Ron Paul made his way to Des Moines...a presidential candidate in Iowa during campaign season? weird right? Christy and I went down at noon to the Embassy Suites to meet the man who should be the next president.

In the past few years, I think both of us have come to the realization that you may or may not think you're into politics...but that doesn't change the fact that politics, for better or worse, are all around you. Especially after going to work full time, and taking over all the life expenses and bills that go along with the 'real world' you get a much different perspective.

Myself in particular have felt a strong pull towards Libertarianism. Now I know that the catch-phrase of "limited government" etc has become little more than a talking point and quite blasé for the most part. It's just too bad that these ideas have to be paraded around as something new and exciting, when in reality they are what this country was founded upon. It's also too bad that these ideals get caught up in association with incoherent Sarah Palin gaffes, and dudes in eagle T-shirts and 'don't tread on me posters'.

Sadly many view this as the extent of conservative opposition

I've always been a huge history buff, and between the reading and movies, etc I've read/watched is beyond amazing that the history of the world is so entrenched in human coercion and violence. The founding of this country was something beyond amazing in the course of history. The rejection of the crown and subservience to a monarchy was a giant leap for civilization. I understand that the founding fathers were not demi-gods, but the ideals that went into this country, the simplicity and genius is amazing. Most of the problems that have happened in the country's history come from straying from this model.

I, and many others believe the current political state is an entangled mess of bullshit. No matter what side of the aisle you're on, I think we can all agree on that. There are too many special interests prying for too many stupid ambitions. For example does anybody who is a die-hard liberal, REALLY believe that someone like Nancy Pelosi has your interest at heart?! REALLY?!  People fool-heartidly believed Obama's campaign promises of 'openess' and 'reform' (I could write an entire other blog about how that's been bullshit) He was going to "go to Washington and clean up the mess!" He was going to bring the sides together on every issue...he was going to lower the ocean levels! (seriously)...he was 'post-racial'. Now I understand the current state of political discourse is not entirely on Obama's shoulders, but his complete lack of follow through with these cornerstone political aspirations is quite telling. (also the fact that he's from Chicago and supports the White Sox over the Cubs...WTF?!?)

You should not want any way, shape or form ::Shudder::

Our country is a divided mess, with each side saying the other is the problem. In all reality the difference between Republicans and Democrats, in the heart of the beast, is minuscule at best. Both sides have a vested interest in keeping the system as it is. It's a mess of restrictions, redundant departments, and bureaucracy that wastes our time and money...why would anybody want that you might say?'s because it keeps them nestled in power, and that is the aspiration of career politicians.

I think the misconception that people have about Libertarians are that they believe in essentially anarchy, and want to cut the government altogether. This is not the case. They believe in a 're-imagining' a 're-boot'  of government if you will...Remember when James Bond movies were good?...and then we got that cinematic piece of dog shit Die Another Day? Remember when Star Trek was only identifiable with 'nerds' and then it got re-done and became number one at the box office?...Remember when the Batman franchise fizzle into the hopeless pit of embarrassment that was Batman and Ro- I won't even finish the title of that one.

The current political system...

Remember now how we all thought Heath Ledger would suck-ass as the Joker? How the more or less unknown Daniel Craig wouldn't be able to fill the shoe's of 007...and that JJ Abrams would potentially make a mess of the fully formed Star Trek universe? last time... how those elements were exactly what these franchises needed?!

Libertarians are the Christopher Nolan's of the political world. We can see what is hiding beneath the current pile of garbage, and identify the elements that made it great. Gazing upon the current political a fanboy watching Batman and Robin may have made many a weaker man give up altogether,  but even in that current disgrace some were able to identify that not all hope was lost.

This is where Ron Paul steps in....I couldn't resist.

I was struck while listening to him speak today that A) He did the whole speech without so much as an index card for reference, let alone a teleprompter! and B) He actually CARES about what he's talking about. He jumped into politics because he was pissed off at the current state, not because he was looking for some avenue to impose his beliefs upon people, or make up for some insecurity by feeling special. This it the ONLY reason people should actually get into politics!

I've spent my whole life being told I'm cynical. However, I'm a firm believer that cynicism is an unpleasant way of stating the truth. There are a lot of different ways as people, we can use our anger. Using it for something constructive is the most rewarding and fundamentally best thing we can do.

Ron Paul simply represents a return to a basic ideal...simply put: do what it takes to pursue your happiness, so long as it doesn't impede on somebody else's right to do the same.

Years ago the idea of 'politics' and 'government' represented only a few cornerstone areas of those words can represent just about anything under the sun...including the sun. We need to take a step back and realize this is ridiculous. Government is there for extremely simplistic and basic functions. Not a cradle to the grave system that pretends to know what's better for you, than you yourself know.

We had a joke in my family about how 'stretch-pant ladies' for all intensive purposes ruled the world. Meaning the people that sit behind counters at government agencies/schools/public institutions (often overweight hence the 'stretch pants' know it's true...) that make you fill out form 45-Z only after you've initialed form 32-B, rule what you can and can't do. I for one don't want or need any more 'stretch-pant ladies' in my life...yet this is what we look forward to with bloated government. Now we're letting the stretch pant ladies take off adult diapers on 95 year old cancer patients...WTF?!

However, someone like Ron Paul understands that for good or bad, this country has regressed to children being ruled over by a nanny state. However it's too difficult to just 'cut the ties' to the 'social safety net'. It takes time to scale back these 'progressive' aspects, something that can be done by cutting areas bloated by the military industrial complex.

In all fairness this was one of the hardest areas for me to accept about someone like Ron Paul. I'd grown accustomed to thinking it was part of being conservative to believe the military/foreign policy is one thing that should remain more or less un-checked. However, like I said I'm a history buff, and have recently become fascinated with the Cold War era. I have ideas for a screenplay set during the Cold War, and have been doing a lot of reading on the topic. Throughout the reading I've become more enlightened about some crazy foreign policy 'adventures' America has taken in it's history...and whether right or wrong, maybe we shouldn't repeat without some serious consideration...

Ron Paul has a rock-solid foundation for his beliefs. Admittedly with many conservative politicians, there is a disconnect between these ideals, and things they just simply don't like. A consistency of ideals is so important in a world of hypocrites and double standards. His beliefs are much more in line with a real conservative then any hack like Mitt Romney.

Cringe Worthy

Something you don't like or agree with should still be protected under basic principles of this country so long as it doesn't hurt anybody. It's very hard to embrace this...because we don't like people doing things we disagree with, but it's one of the most important aspects of a free society. Please tell me how 2 dudes getting married, or a stoner at a Phish concert smoking a joint, REALLY hurts your life? doesn't, you just may not like it...but nobody is coming to tell you, you can't put on civil war re-enactments because some people find it offensive.

You may have seen stickers that say "Ron Paul was right" referring to things like the mortgage bubble burst. He is right about economic matters because of an adherence to the principles of the Austrian school of economics...again that's something for a whole other blog, but watch these guys.
"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem
Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

It's amazing how I had no idea who F.A. Hayek was before I stumbled across these videos, yet I knew quite a bit about Keynes. It's also amazing how much more right Hayek is about economics....and nobody knows anything about him.

For what it's worth I throw my support behind Ron Paul. He's real, he's honest, and he's what we need at this time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and although this is a longer post in comparison, I've only briefly skimmed the surface. I'd be happy to expand upon anything, and I welcome and thoughts/responses.

-Robert Dopf

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  1. Loved it! And I think you captured exactly how most Ron Paul supporters feel. Great job!