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Friday, June 24, 2011

"Your Butt Looks Good in the Future": 15 inches and 15 lbs later....

Alright blog fans, we're reinventing the wheel...aka reviving the blog!

It's ridiculous how long we've gone without updating this thing, and its time to get to it. Blogging is like exercising, its something you just have to make time for. And as I've learned these past 2 months, both are hard to make time for!

I'm writing now to show my progress on my health and fitness, and to finally show off some (awful-to me) pictures of how I looked before and how my body is looking now. I started Yoga at the beginning of this year and have gone every week. I absolutely love Yoga and secretly when I grow up, I want to be a Yoga teacher! My attitude and stress level have changed so much since practicing it. And most of you know I've been working out at Inspire U (now called The U) since March. I learned some amazing things about myself on this adventure. Here are some of them:

*  I've learned that I had muscles that can hurt that I didn't know could hurt.
*  I've learned that my body is capable of things I did not want to ever try again (pull-ups).
*  I've learned that just because you have sweat dripping off every part of your body, doesn't mean you can't keep going for that last set, rep, or lap.
* I've learned to listen to my body, and how to alter exercises when something is hurting me (my right knee in this case). But push it when it can handle it.
* I've learned that flexibility can come back. And so can muscles!
* I've learned that the number on the scale doesn't always indicate the progress you are making.
* I've learned that I WANT TO EXERCISE. I may not always feel like it, but I want to, because I like the way I feel and look afterwards.
* I've learned that I'm far from done on this journey. Being healthy is definitely a life-long commitment and I strive to have it in every aspect of life possible.

As of this past winter I was in the 170's, within the last few months I've come back to the 150's. THE 150's!!! I haven't seen or heard from the 150's since early 2009. 2 years ago! That's just silly! It's hard to admit my weight, its not anything fun, but it gets much easier when you're in a better place and can look back and say "whoa, never going back there again!" I don't ever plan to weigh at my heaviest again till maybe I'm pregnant.

Bob and I have made huge strides in the last year in the way we eat and the products we buy. We look at the labels of food now, it's amazing what you think you're eating and its not! Maybe I'll have to do a post about some of the main things we've switched. But paying attention to things like sugar and sodium content go a long way in eating better. Now I'm not going to sit here and say I eat healthy ALL the time, that would be a complete lie. We still bake cookies and have a pizza, sometimes pop with dinner when we are eating out. In my experience if you cut those things out completely you're cheating yourself and setting yourself up for failure. You have to learn to eat things in moderation and develop tastes for healthier foods when you are on a snack rage. Yes, I probably could be down even more weight right now if I would stick to an even stricter diet. But ultimately I want this to be a lasting thing. Not a quick weight drop, only to gain it back. I'm all about sustainability here, and it seems to be working wonderfully!

Let's take a look at some photographic evidence, shall we:

September 2010- Those jeans I'm wearing in this pic, have been my "go-to jeans" for I don't know how many months- they were the biggest size I had ever bought (size 13- which depending on the brand that could mean a lot of things). My reality check was when they were on the verge of getting too tight later on in the Winter of 2010.
December 2010- Hey Everyone, I just finished 8.5 years of college and look what I got: extra weight and bloat from all the stress, late night sessions, coffee, sugar snacks and downright not taking care of myself anymore- yippee!!

Here's a really good comparison coming up:
Yikes, this is Sept 2010, fortunately or unfortunately this isn't a full length shot, so you can really see how much weight I was putting on. 

Now the good stuff: 

June 24, 2011- Bum bum ba-bummmm! Check it! 10 months later from the above shot and down 15 pounds AND 15 inches! It's ok I'll give you a second to do a double take.

I wish I could show better how that red T-shirt fits completely different now, but of course I spent a lot of time trying to cover up (or using multiple layers) how bad my stomach and other areas of my body were really getting. As I looked for more pictures to show from the past few months- I realized I haven't taken that many, and rarely any that showed my body. It's easier to just not document than it is to face how you look (and ultimately feel).

Here are some picture comparisons from all the way back in February 2010 (I wasn't even at my heaviest yet!)

 Left picture is from February 2010, Right picture is June 24, 2011. I was definitely not at my heaviest in Feb 2010, but I also didn't have the muscle tone that I have now (and it's still a work in progress).


 Top picture February 2010, bottom picture June 24, 2011. My ribs stick out like the used to- who thought I'd ever be happy to see that again!

 Left again Feb 2010, and right pic June 24, 2011. I should have done a flexing arm shot, haha cuz I got some guns again! I can't even believe I let myself stay that way for so long!

The final rundown of what I have lost during my 90 days at Inspire U:

chest: -1.5 inches
waist: -3.5 inches
hips: -4.5 inches
arms: -1 inch
thighs: -3 inches
calf: -1.5 inches

Total: -15 inches

And my weight since Winter 2010:

Weight: -15 lbs.
The best part is, there were a lot of times working out everyday of the week just didn't pan out like I had hoped. Bad knees, work training, funerals, sickness, just plain exhaustion all happen. Life happens. Another very important thing I have learned through all this is that if you fall off the wagon for a few weeks, its ok, get back up and keep going. Don't stop! I find myself feeling crazy antsy now when I don't workout. I'm doing a running clinic next week with The U, and I'm really excited to start running again this summer. My goal is to keep working out on my own through the next few months and hit up some classes when I can. If I can make this kind of progress in just a sort amount of time, its just going to keep getting better and better. 
June 24, 2011
Here's to the progress I've made, and the next inches and pounds to come....OFF! 
(Oh yeah and to being a brunette again!)

 P.S. Bob says Hi! Stay tuned for his beer brewing blog update coming this weekend!


  1. You look aaahmazing! LOVE YOUR GUTS.

  2. Christy,

    You're looking GREAT! Congrats! You've worked so hard! You're inspiring me to lose it! Keep it up, lady! Awesome!

    Let me know when you want to go clothing shopping!!!

  3. Congrats Christy!f You look great! I can really relate to the YOGA!!!! It is great, but you do find muscles you never thought you had and flexibility does come back!!! It just releases all of the tension for the day and helps you relax!! :-) I"m really happy for you and you look wonderful!! You go girl!!! :-)
    Kellie :-)