Read about our adventures! Because someday we might be famous, and you'll wish you could bank off our life story!

Stella Mae

Age: 5

Born: July 6, 2005 (estimated)

Adopted: By my mom (Christy) in September 2005 from the Animal Shelter in Iowa City, IA

Nicknames: Stellie, Belle, Belle-Belle, Mao-Mao, Mau, Da Mau

Toy of choice: Anything with feathers and a pinch of cat-nip

Favorite Place to sleep: This changes from time to time, currently top of the couch in front of the window, or sometimes in the middle of the living room floor in everyone's way.

Favorite Trick to show off: Jumping over the gate the parents put up to keep Jack in the living room. I can run and jump off the side of the wall or just hang in the air as I glide over the gate. You can call me Prince of Persia Kitty.

Places lived: Mom and I lived together in Iowa City in 2 different apartments and then we moved to Coralville in a duplex where Jack joined us for two years. Last summer we moved to West Des Moines where Dad joined us. Now we're all one big happy family. Yuck.

Favorite ways to torment Jack: Sleep in his crate and smack him if he tries to come in. Smack him when he walks by me. Chase him. Yell at him, while smacking him. Smack him when he gets in trouble with Mom and Dad. Sitting on my Mom's lap and smacking him when he tries to steal Mom's attention.

Least favorite activity: When my mom flips me tummy-up holding me above her head and ramble on about some nonsense of 'sacrificing me to the kitty gods' but then they decide 'I'm too cute' so I am free to go. This cracks her up, so I play along.